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Juhi Verma, SwissSign Group, is burning for IT …


Lovey Wymann



... because she can combine her passion for creativity and problem-solving to develop complex, secure as well as attractive products. She enjoys the satisfaction of transforming a vision into a tangible product which benefits society and organization alike.

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Since Juhi is speaking English, we have given her free rein to describe herself in her own words: 

"I was introduced to the world of computers in the mid-90s and the sheer thought of the expanse of Information technology fascinated me ever since. It became the reason why I did my post-graduation in IT.

At SwissSign, I'm working on a Digital electronic Identification product, SwissID. It is being developed to be the uniform highly secure digital identity provider for major Swiss organizations. I take pride in contributing to a product that assures society by safeguarding their digital information. Being a certified Scrum master, I also facilitate the dev team to adhere to Agile methodology for product development.   

To me, the world of IT is fascination embodied; its role in frequent wonderful inventions done within last 40 years are the proof of its might:  From an artificial Limb creation to innovative 3d print, in bringing out the wonders from the depth of the sea to far away galaxies, IT has contributed to all, in ways more than one. It fascinates me to see how the limits of human intelligence and the world around us is changing through computers, via machine learning and virtual reality. With IT as a tool, there are immense possibilities to explore. Having worked in the IT industry for 12 years, I can say it is a fantastic Industry to work in. It's not a nerdy world as perceived from the outside."

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Women in IT are sorely needed across the globe to break the misconception of IT being a Man’s profession. If you are curious and have an aptitude to learn, take a leap of faith and you will find immense support from the IT community.

Juhi Verma Lead Engineer and Scrum Master at SwissSign

"In the future, I would like to reach a responsible position where my skills and experience will be used to synergize IT processes  so that I can contribute in taking the organization onto the next level of growth path. I would also like to share my  lessons learnt, knowledge and expertise gained during the process with new upcoming IT professionals. So if you are a young woman trying to decide on your career path, I encourage you: Be the change you want to see. As you come forward, many will follow."

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