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Swico Recycling

Swico Recycling is a not-for-profit system for taking back scrapped waste electrical and electronic equipment used in the IT, consumer electronics, office equipment, communications, graphic design, measurement technology and medical technology

Opening hours of collection points and operation centers

Operation centres and collection points are generally open according to the published times; company holidays and public holidays are not taken into account. To be on the safe side, clarify the opening hours on site. Please continue to adhere to the FOPH's distance regulations. Thank you very much - and take care of your health!

Successful since 1994

Swico Recycling is a voluntary, cooperative system for taking back waste equipment. It is operated successfully by Swiss manufacturers and importers in the IT, office equipment, consumer electronics and photo/film sectors.

How does Swico Recycling work?

Become a Swico Recycling member

All manufacturers/importers that sell equipment used in the office equipment, IT, consumer electronics, communications, graphic design, measurement technology and medical technology sectors in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein may become members.

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