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Collection points

The Swico collection points are key to the successful operation of the take-back system: 58% of the total volume of unwrapped WEE is taken back through collection points.

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The collection points can choose between three different types of contract:

  1. Contract with Swico Recycling
    The collection point performs the transport operations itself and is free to select the recycler. Swico pays the fee for collecting and transporting the equipment.
  2. Contract with a Swico recycling partner
    Transport operations are performed by the collection point or the recycling partner. The collection point may only forward the unwrapped material to the recycler in question. The recycler compensates the collection point for transport operations that it has performed and for collecting the equipment.
  3. Contract with the forwarding agent CDS Cargo Domizil AG
    The collection point completes the collection order for collection points with respect to collecting equipment. CDS Cargo AG pays the fee for collecting equipment.

You can find more information about the collection point contracts under Become a collection point .


Roger Gnos

Roger Gnos

Chairman of the Innovation Fund Advisory Board / Member TC
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