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As a dealer, during opening hours you are legally obliged to take back (free of charge) the type of equipment that you have in your product range. Swico supports you in this regard.

Swico Recycling assists you with the professional disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment – it’s efficient and straightforward. To find out how the system works and what the easiest option is for you, please refer to the Swico Recycling questions and answers.

Swico Recycling System

General information

  • You must include and identify the advance recycling fee in your prices. See ‘Price notification’.  You must also indicate the energy efficiency in the case of televisions. See the energy labels data sheet.
  • The collection order for companies is available to you for collecting unwrapped WEE. Swico takes care of recycling.
  • The customer does not need to have bought the equipment from you or need to make a new purchase.

Price notification

The ‘Ordinance on the Disclosure of Prices’ contains the following provision (Art. 4):

Public levies, prepaid disposal contributions, discounts: The retail price must include passed-on public levies and advance disposal fees.

Consequently, retailers (sale for private use) must always include Swico Recycling’s ARF (advance recycling fee) in the sales prices. This has no influence on the manufacturer’s/importer’s ARF invoicing type to dealers, since the PDO only refers to sales to end customers for private use (B2C). The importer/manufacturer thus openly invoices dealers for the ARF. Alternatively, a note indicating that the ARF is included in the prices for dealers is added. Retailers must include the ARF in the sales prices for private end consumers, but can naturally mention that the ARF (or an ARF of CHF XX.XX) is included in the price (desirable). You can find the corresponding prices under Tariffs .

Mentioning the ARF makes sense because it shows the customer that the dealer is responsible for correct disposal and reminds the consumer early on that they have already paid for proper recycling.


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Christin Huber

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