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Manufacturers and importers

You are legally obliged to take back (free of charge) and properly dispose of equipment of the brands or type you manufacture or import. Swico Recycling offers this service for the ICT and consumer electronics sectors.

Not registered yet?

As a signatory to the Swico Recycling Convention, you are making a clear commitment indicating that your company will dispose of used equipment properly and therefore act responsibly towards society and the environment. We have listed 11 reasons why this is worth your while:

  • Membership entitles you to bill the customer for the advance recycling fee (ARF) and thus to take part in the comprehensive recycling system for free.
  • The ARF finances importers’/manufacturers’ legal obligations (free take-back and recycling in line with environmental guidelines).
  • The ADF (advance disposal fee for batteries) is included in the ARF for imported equipment, i.e. you do not have to square up with INOBAT separately.
  • A maximum of 15% is paid out from the ARF to dealers for recycling new equipment packaging.
  • Customers have access to a nationwide network of collection points (dealers and 600 official collection points for private individuals).
  • The Swico logo can be used for marketing activities.
  • By outsourcing recycling, the responsibilities/risks are transferred from the manufacturer/importer to the Swico Environment Commission.
  • With Swico Recycling, dealers are provided with an ideal system for fulfilling the legal disposal obligation.
  • Manufacturers/importers and dealers do not need employees with recycling expertise.
  • Manufacturers/importers don’t incur any costs when carrying out recycling activities according to the Swiss Ordinance on Returning, Taking Back and Disposing of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • Recycling rates are made available to signatories each year.

Rights and obligations regarding the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment are laid down in the Convention and in the associated practical guidelines. Once you have read the two documents, you can complete, sign and send the membership declaration to us.

General information

Over 500 Convention signatories – manufacturers and importers from Switzerland and abroad, covering over 90% of the Swiss market – rely on Swico Recycling. They therefore ensure that discarded products are taken back through dealers and collection points and are sent for professional recycling.

Convention signatories

More than 500 Convention signatories place their trust in the Swico Recycling system:

360Grad Solutions GmbH

8620 Wetzikon ZH

3M (Schweiz) GmbH

8803 Rüschlikon

3T Supplies AG

8834 Schindellegi

A.D.J. Supply Europe B.V.

6468 Kerkrade

A.W. Keller AG

8306 Brüttisellen

AB Sciex Switzerland GmbH

5400 Baden

ABB Industrial Solutions (Switzerland) SA

6595 Riazzino

Abbott Medical (Schweiz) AG

8005 Zürich

abc dental AG

8952 Schlieren

ABUS Schweiz AG

6340 Baar

Accerio B.V.

1043 CA Amsterdam

Acer Computer (Switzerland) AG

8953 Dietikon


2000 Neuchâtel


8103 Unterengstringen

AG Neovo Technology B.V.

2908 LL Capelle an a/d Ijssel

Agfa HealthCare AG

8600 Dübendorf

Agfa Mortsel/Belgien

8600 Dübendorf

Albis Technologies AG

8047 Zürich

ALSO Schweiz AG

6032 Emmen

Alto HiFi AG

8733 Eschenbach SG

AMO Switzerland GmbH

6300 Zug

Andermatt Biocontrol AG

6146 Grossdietwil

Andres Audio

3232 Ins

Antares Kommunikationstechnik AG

8340 Hinwil

Antarus SA

1197 Prangins

Apple Distribution International

Hollyhill, Cork

Apple Switzerland AG

8001 Zürich

aquama Holding SA

1131 Tolochenaz

ARP Schweiz AG

6343 Rotkreuz

Arris Global Limited

BD18 3LF West Yorkshire

Arrow Central Europe GmbH

63263 Neu-Isenburg

Ascom Solutions AG

5506 Mägenwil

Askey Computer Corporation

23585 New Taipei City

ASL Electronic AG/SA

4053 Basel


8105 Regensdorf

AT&T Global Network Services Switzerland

8048 Zürich

Atos AG

8047 Zürich

Audiosphere GmbH

8048 Zürich

AV Distribution AG

6331 Hünenberg

Avaya Switzerland GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

Avcom Distribution GmbH

5313 Klingnau

AXA Winterthur

8404 Winterthur

Axavis AG

4435 Niederdorf

B&W Group (Schweiz) GmbH

8952 Schlieren

B. Braun Medical AG

6204 Sempach

BANDELIN electronic GmbH & Co. KG

12207 Berlin

Bang & Olufsen AG

8303 Bassersdorf

Bausch & Lomb GmbH

13581 Berlin

Bechtle Logistics & Service AG

6343 Rotkreuz


NN10 6GL Rushden, North Hamptshire


5426 Lengnau AG


9495 Triesen

BenQ Deutschland GmbH, Oberhausen

5405 Baden

Berlinger & Co. AG

9608 Ganterschwil

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG

74072 Heilbronn

BHS Binkert Schweiz GmbH

5070 Frick

Boll Engineering AG

5430 Wettingen

Bomgar Corporation, Inc

MS 39157 Ridgeland

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

34123 Kassel

Bose Schweiz GmbH

6300 Zug


5506 Mägenwil

Brandpath B.V.

5047 RE Tilburg

Brother (Schweiz) AG

5405 Baden

Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH

5405 Dättwil AG

Bullitt Mobile Limited

RG1 1AR Reading

Canary Technology Europe LTD

D8 Dublin

Canon (Schweiz) AG

8304 Wallisellen

Carestream Health Suisse SA

1196 Gland GmbH

9245 Oberbüren

Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe BVBA

1850 Grimbergen

CBA Computer Broker AG

8604 Volketswil

CCV (Suisse) SA

1196 Gland AG

6340 Baar

CeCoNet AG

5506 Mägenwil

Chauvin Arnoux AG

8804 Au ZH

Chromos AG

8157 Dielsdorf

CL-Electronics GmbH

8107 Buchs ZH

Clover Germany GmbH

77955 Ettenheim

CMS Distribution Ltd

EC2A 2DT London

Cohesity Inc.

95110 San Jose CA


8045 Zürich

COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG

4600 Wels

Coloplast AG

6343 Rotkreuz

Coltène/Whaledent AG

9450 Altstätten SG



Comerco GmbH

4102 Binningen

Comm Tec AG / Giuseppe Rizzo

8152 Glattbrugg

Commline Schweiz GmbH

3014 Bern

Como Audio, Inc

02210 Boston, Massachusetts

ComputerWorks AG

4023 Basel

Comtech AG

8807 Freienbach

comtronic a. maier

5745 Safenwil

Conrad Electronic AG

8832 Wilen b. Wollerau

Contrel AG

6331 Hünenberg

Contrik AG

8902 Urdorf

Cook (Switzerland) AG

6002 Luzern

Cray Inc.

54729 Wisconsin


8048 Zürich

Cropmark AG

5430 Wettingen

Crystal Display Electronics AG

8852 Altendorf

CTA Energy Systems

3110 Münsingen

Ctrack Deutschland GMBH

49143 Bissendorf

Curaden AG

8953 Dietikon

Curvature LLC

1066JR Lijnden

CV-Mail Order GmbH

9015 St. Gallen

Cyclotron ITK GmbH

65205 Wiesbaden

Damovo Schweiz AG

8152 Glattbrugg

Data Store AG

8957 Spreitenbach


8058 Zürich

DC Technique SA

1205 Genève

DC Téchnique SA

2022 Bevaix

Dell GmbH

Dublin 18

DeltaNet AG

8953 Dietikon

dema dent AG

8303 Bassersdorf

Dental 2000 SA

1227 Carouge GE

Dental Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

72072 Tübingen

Dental Services Sàrl

1965 Chandolin Savièse

Denthos AG

5506 Mägenwil

Dentsply Sirona

1338 Ballaigues

Devillard SA

1227 Carouge GE

Dexcom Suisse GmbH

6048 Horw

Diamond SA

6616 Losone

Diebold Nixdorf AG

8306 Brüttisellen

Digana AG

8304 Wallisellen

Digitalcom GmbH

6340 Baar

Digitec Galaxus AG

8005 Zürich


1025 St-Sulpice VD

Disruptive Technologies Research AS

5020 Bergen


8606 Nänikon

distriXx GmbH

8212 Neuhausen Rundbuck

DJO Global Switzerland Sàrl

1024 Ecublens VD

D-Link Deutschland GmbH

65760 Eschborn

Dolby International AB

1101 CN Amsterdam zuid-oost

Doro AB


Dr. W.A. Günther Audio Video Distribution AG

8703 Erlenbach ZH

Dürr Dental Schweiz AG

8156 Oberhasli

Dynavox Electronics SA

1762 Givisiez

Earin AB

21120 Malmö

eb-Qual SA

1762 Givisiez

Ecomedia AG

8606 Nänikon

Econocom Switzerland SA

1260 Nyon

eeproperty SA

1009 Pully

Eizo AG

8820 Wädenswil

Elation Professional B.V.

6468 Kerkrade

Elcotherm SA

1070 Puidoux

ElectronicPartner Schweiz AG

8305 Dietlikon

Elektron AG

8804 Au ZH

EMC Computer Systems AG

8005 Zürich

Emons Verlag GmbH

50667 Köln

Engelberger AG

6362 Stansstad

EPV Components AG

6340 Baar


8820 Wädenswil

Esselte Leitz Switzerland GmbH

4123 Allschwil

euronics schweiz ag

8500 Frauenfeld

Eurotronic Establ.

9487 Gamprin-Bendern

ewz Telecom

8050 Zürich

Expromo Europe A/S

8200 Aarhus N

F5 Network Inc.

98119 Washington

Facebook Technologies Ireland Limited

2 Dublin D02X525

Facora AG

6018 Buttisholz

Fairphone B.V.

1019 GW HC Amsterdam


70825 Korntal-Münchingen

Fellowes GmbH

30179 Hannover

Flexdental Services SA

1066 Epalinges

FlexDSL Telecommunications AG

8902 Urdorf

FNAC (Suisse) SA

1242 Satigny

Frama Suisse AG

5242 Lupfig

freeVoice AG

8604 Volketswil

Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG

8157 Dielsdorf

Fujitsu Technology Solutions AG

8105 Regensdorf

Ganesh Distribution Sarl

1868 Collombey

GE Medical Systems (Schweiz) AG

8152 Glattbrugg

Gemalto AG

5000 Aarau

Genesis Technologies AG

3250 Lyss


65205 Wiesbaden

GHE-CES Electronic ag

8636 Wald ZH

Giffits GmbH

22083 Hamburg

Gigaset Communications GmbH

46395 Bocholt

Gigaset Communications Schweiz GmbH

4500 Solothurn

Gimasi Deutschland GmbH

80337 München

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd

Dublin 18

GMC Trading AG

8305 Dietlikon

GMK electronic design GmbH

92533 Wernberg-Köblitz

GN Hearing Switzerland AG

8800 Thalwil

Google Commerce Limited

2 Dublin


4663 Aarburg

Görlitz Schweiz AG

6330 Cham

Graphax AG

8953 Dietikon

Gregor Zoll Musikelektronik

59872 Meschede

Haltian Oy

90230 Oulu

Hama Technics AG

8604 Volketswil

Handheld Swiss GmbH

7205 Zizers

HappyOrNot Oy

33100 Tampere

Harman Deutschland GmbH

3098 Köniz

Häubi AG

3250 Lyss

Heer Musik AG

8952 Schlieren Zust

Heidelberg Schweiz AG

3001 Bern

Heidenhain (Schweiz) AG

8603 Schwerzenbach

Helvar Limited

SW1H 0BL London

Hermann Kuhn, Inhaber U. Greuter & Co AG

8303 Bassersdorf

Hermet AG - Kuran Sport Engros

3018 Bern

Hess Schweiz AG

3006 Bern

Hewlett-Packard (Schweiz) GmbH

8600 Dübendorf

Hewlett-Packard International Bank DAC

Leixlip, Country Kildare


KT22-7PL Leatherhead, Surrey

High-End Company AG

8500 Frauenfeld

Hitachi Europe GmbH

40547 Düsseldorf

Hitachi Vantara AG

8304 Wallisellen

HMD Global Oy

02600 Espoo

Hoewa GmbH Dentalinstrumente

9405 Wienacht-Tobel

Honeywell Productivity Solutions B.V.

6545 CG Nijmegen

Horn Distribution (CH) AG

8103 Unterengstringen

HP Schweiz GmbH

8600 Dübendorf

HTC Corporation

330 Taoyuan City

Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG

3097 Liebefeld

Hunziker AG Thalwil

8800 Thalwil


8200 Schaffhausen MOBILE GmbH

97922 Lauda-Königshofen

I-Bit Pro AG

4624 Härkingen

IBM Global Financing Schweiz GmbH

8048 Zürich

IBM Suisse SA

1030 Bussigny

iConnect Trading SA

6300 Zug

Igel Technology (Schweiz) GmbH

8050 Zürich

Igepa Adoc AG

4629 Fulenbach

Impossible B.V.

7511ZA Enschede

ImproWare AG

4133 Pratteln

Inalp Networks AG

3172 Niederwangen BE

Infotec Service Sàrl

1400 Yverdon

Ingram Micro GmbH

6330 Cham


5608 Stetten AG

Integraal IT SA

1227 Les Acacias

Interact Consulting AG

8004 Zürich

Intercard AG

8048 Zürich

InterComm Trading AG

6330 Cham

Intercycle AG

6210 Sursee

internetstores GmbH

70174 Stuttgart

Inyx AG

5506 Mägenwil

IPC Information Systems

London EC2A 2DZ

IPC-Computer Deutschland GmbH

77960 Seelbach

ITRIS Informatik AG

8957 Spreitenbach

Jordi Röntgentechnik AG

4142 Münchenstein

Kablan AG

3072 Ostermundigen


9016 St. Gallen

Kavo Dental AG

8302 Kloten

KaVo Dental AG

8302 Kloten

Kingschair Newspeed AG

8304 Wallisellen

Kodak Alaris Limited

HP27YU Hemel Hempstead

Kodak Alaris Switzerland Sàrl

1003 Lausanne

Koelliker Büroautomation AG

8304 Wallisellen

Kolok AG

3210 Kerzers

Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V.

8953 Dietikon


4019 Basel

KSW Technik AG

5623 Boswil

Kuhn und Bieri AG

3098 Köniz

KW open GmbH

9444 Diepoldsau

KYOCERA Document Solutions EUROPE B.V.

8048 Zürich

Laboshop AG Schweiz

9450 Altstätten SG

L'Acoustics SAS

91460 Marcoussis

Lakeside Audio SA

8810 Horgen

Leitronic AG

5621 Zufikon

LEITZ ACCO Brands GmbH & Co. KG

70469 Stuttgart

Lenovo (Schweiz) GmbH

8048 Zürich

Lenovo Global Technology Switzerland GmbH

8048 Zürich

Lexmark Deutschland GmbH

63263 Neu-Isenburg

LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH

65760 Eschborn

Libratone A/S

2150 Nordhavn

Light + Byte AG

8048 Zürich

LINDY-Elektronik GmbH

68229 Mannheim

Littlebit Technology AG

6331 Hünenberg


5704 Egliswil

LumiraDx GmbH

5504 Othmarsingen

Lyreco Switzerland AG

8953 Dietikon

M + W Dental Swiss AG

8308 Illnau

M&M Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

31840 Hessisch Oldendorf

Magmatix GmbH

09127 Chemnitz

Maipu Europe AG

8953 Dietikon

Makerbot Industries LLC

11201 Brooklyn

Malvern Panalytical B.V., Almelo (NL)

8041 Zürich

Markem-Imaje AG

8320 Fehraltorf

Marlex GmbH

8006 Zürich

Martin Jussel, MAREL IT solutions

6850 Dornbirn

Max Hauri AG

9220 Bischofszell

Me First GmbH

8005 Zürich

Media Markt Management AG

8953 Dietikon

Medias-Com'S S.A.

1978 Lens

medi-lan AG

6312 Steinhausen

Medisanté AG

6006 Luzern

Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited

Dublin D18 P521

Microsoft Schweiz GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

micx-media in concept gmbh & co. kg

33689 Bielefeld

Mikrona Technologie AG

8957 Spreitenbach

Misterlam GmbH

8001 Zürich

Mitel Schweiz AG

4503 Solothurn

Mitipi AG

8005 Zürich

Mitutoyo (Schweiz) AG

8902 Urdorf

Mobatime AG

8600 Dübendorf

MobilePro AG

8152 Glattbrugg

Mobitel AG

8953 Dietikon

Mobiwire SAS

92000 Nanterre

8005 Zürich

Moduslink BV

7321 DL Apeldoorn

Mölnlycke Health Care AG

8952 Schlieren

Monacor Schweiz AG

6343 Rotkreuz

Monzoon Networks AG

8192 Glattfelden

MPI Technologies AG

5405 Baden

Multimediatec. AG

8600 Dübendorf

Musica Nova AG

8180 Bülach

Musik Meyer AG

8952 Schlieren

myprintoo GmbH 3D Printing Solutions & Consulting

22765 Hamburg


1033 Cheseaux-Lausanne

NCR (Schweiz) GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

Neopost AG

8304 Wallisellen

Nest Labs (Europe) Limited

D02 R296 Dublin 2

NetApp Switzerland GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

Netstream AG

8600 Dübendorf GmbH

6052 Hergiswil NW

Net-Treu Consulting Service Group GmbH

6300 Zug

Nexgen AG

8604 Volketswil

Nexiot AG

8005 Zürich

Nikon GmbH

8132 Egg b. Zürich

Nimex AG

8134 Adliswil

Niwotron AG

5612 Villmergen

Novadent AG

8152 Glattbrugg

Novaset GmbH

6208 Oberkirch LU

Novia AG

8153 Rümlang


51149 Köln

Novis Electronics AG

8610 Uster

Novitronic AG

8050 Zürich

Novoferm Schweiz AG

4616 Kappel SO

NUANCE Communications Ireland Limited

4 Ballsbridge, Dublin

Nuheara Limited

6003 Northbridge

Nuki Home Solutions GmbH

8010 Graz

Nutanix Netherlands BV

2132 LR Hoofddorp

NWL Switzerland Sàrl

1214 Vernier

Obrecht Technologie AG

8957 Spreitenbach

Office Athletes BV

5261 BC Vught

Office Factory AG

8853 Lachen SZ


1131 Tolochenaz


4310 Rheinfelden

OneSpan International GmbH

8058 Zürich-Flughafen

Openstorage Schweiz AG

6340 Baar

OPEX Business Machines GmbH

6000 Luzern

Oracle Software (Schweiz) GmbH

5404 Baden

Orell Füssli Thalia AG

8036 Zürich

Ott + Wyss AG

4800 Zofingen

Otto Mathys Cashtec AG

5035 Unterentfelden


3097 Liebefeld

Palotec AG

4800 Zofingen

Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

6343 Rotkreuz

Parna SA

6828 Balerna

Pataco AG

9247 Henau

PayTec AG

8307 Effretikon

PC Engines GmbH

8152 Glattbrugg

PEARL Schweiz GmbH

4133 Pratteln

Philips Health Systems Schweiz

8810 Horgen

PI Labs GmbH

80805 München

Piega SA

8810 Horgen

Pluradent AG & Co KG

63067 Offenbach

Plusmusic AG

8953 Dietikon

Pocketmedia AG

8303 Bassersdorf

Polycom (Netherlands) BV

1043 DP Amsterdam

Portacomp AG

8854 Siebnen

Positive elements Marc De Leo

1683 Chesalles-Moudon

PowerData SA

1131 Tolochenaz

PRAGMA GmbH Zittau

02763 Zittau

Prime Computer AG

9016 St. Gallen

Prime Time AG

4133 Pratteln

Primelco System Device AG

6340 Baar

Print & More Competence AG

5507 Mellingen

Procamed AG

8355 Aadorf

Profot AG

5630 Muri AG

Prolabs Ltd.

GL7 5XL South Cerney, Gloucestershire

Provicon GmbH

8360 Eschlikon TG

Punkt. Tronics AG

6900 Lugano

Pure Storage Switzerland GmbH

8302 Kloten

PWS Cardinaux SA

1228 Plan-les-Ouates

QoQa Services Sàrl

1030 Bussigny

Qubica AMF BV

3088GB Rotterdam

Quickline AG

2560 Nidau

Radio Matériel SA

1020 Renens VD

Rainbow Home Entertainment AG

4133 Pratteln


41036 Medolla


8633 Wolfhausen

Reco Electronic AG

8600 Dübendorf

RED Digital Cinema LLC

92618 Irvine, California


1227 Les Acacias

Rein Medical AG

8370 Sirnach

René Faigle AG

8050 Zürich

René Koch AG

8804 Au ZH

Revox (Schweiz) AG

8105 Regensdorf


8304 Wallisellen


8962 Bergdietikon

Roadstar Management SA

6883 Novazzano

Robert Aebi Landtechnik AG

8105 Regensdorf

Rodent AG

9463 Oberriet SG

Roland (Switzerland) AG

4452 Itingen

Ross Video Limited

Iroquuois, Ontario KOE 1K0

Rotronic AG

8303 Bassersdorf

Sacom SA

2555 Brügg BE

Safari Distribution GmbH

8047 Zürich

Salt Mobile SA

8005 Zürich

Salto Systems AG

8360 Eschlikon TG

Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

8045 Zürich

Sandvik AG

6002 Luzern

SAP Electronic AG

8903 Birmensdorf ZH

Satelco AG

8804 Au ZH

Schefer Informatik AG

9403 Goldach

Schmersal Schweiz AG

8905 Arni AG

Schneider Electric (Schweiz) AG

5430 Wettingen

Schneider Electric IT Logistics Europe Limited

H91 HT7 Galway

SDS Music Factory AG

8404 Winterthur


8303 Bassersdorf

Securiton AG

3052 Zollikofen

Securosys SA

8005 Zürich

semi-electronic ag

4126 Bettingen

Senetic AG

8048 Zürich

Sennheiser (Schweiz) AG

8902 Urdorf

Sertronics AG

5413 Birmenstorf AG

Server Technology, Inc.

89521 Reno, NV

session GmbH & Co. KG

69190 Walldorf

Seyffer CCW AG

5242 Birr-Lupfig

Sharp Electronics (Schweiz) AG

8803 Rüschlikon

SHIFT Schweiz GmbH

3008 Bern

Sicamax GmbH

8932 Mettmenstetten

Sicotec AG

4415 Lausen

Siemens Schweiz AG

8047 Zürich

Silentsoft SA

1110 Morges

sinamatt dental ag

8103 Unterengstringen


3257 Ammerzwil BE

SIX Payment Services AG

8021 Zürich 1 Sihlpost

Skechers S.a.r.l.

1000 Lausanne

SKIDATA (Schweiz) AG

8134 Adliswil

sks Kinkel Elektronik GmbH

56472 Hof

Skullcandy International GmbH

8005 Zürich

Smartfrog Ltd.

D02 EK84 Dublin

SmartLife Care AG

8306 Brüttisellen

Socomec AG

8953 Dietikon

Software Partner Datenmedien-Serv. u. Vertr. GmbH

82008 Unterhaching

Sony Computer Entertainment

8952 Schlieren

Sony Europe B.V., Hoofddorp

8952 Schlieren

Sony Europe B.V., Hoofddorp, (PSE Direct Sales)

8952 Schlieren

Sony Mobile Communications AB

22188 Lund


2200 Copenhagen N

Spandex AG

8305 Dietlikon

Spigraph AG

8800 Thalwil

St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG

9000 St. Gallen Limited

N5V 5E9 London, Ontario

STG Distribution

1226 Thônex

Stilus SA

8610 Uster

Strax Swiss Logistics

8058 Zürich

StrongBox Data Solutions Inc.

QC H3A 3C2 Montreal

Studerus AG

8603 Schwerzenbach

SuitePad GmbH

10969 Berlin

SUPAG Spichtig und Partner

8108 Dällikon


8604 Volketswil

Swiss Cross Design & Manufactory GmbH

8268 Salenstein

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

9001 St. Gallen

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

3097 Liebefeld

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

3050 Bern

Symantec Switzerland Sarl

8058 Zürich

TA Triumph-Adler Schweiz AG

8424 Embrach

Tado GmbH

80637 München

Tardo GmbH

4553 Subingen

TCplus (Switzerland) GmbH

8153 Rümlang

TDK-Lambda Germany GmbH

77855 Achern

Tecan Sales Switzerland AG

8708 Männedorf

Tecflower AG

8835 Feusisberg

Tech Data (Schweiz) GmbH

6343 Rotkreuz

TechniSat Digital GmbH

54550 Daun



Telanor AG

4654 Lostorf


1763 Granges-Paccot

Telion AG

8952 Schlieren

Telma AG

3662 Seftigen

Teradata (Schweiz) GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

TGS Trading GmbH

8633 Wolfhausen

Thali AG

6285 Hitzkirch

Thomann GmbH

96138 Burgebrach

Thoratec Switzerland GmbH

8005 Zürich

TI-Dental Service SA

6928 Manno

Tiptel AG

8105 Regensdorf

Tiroled Swiss GmbH

6370 Stans

TKS Telecom

6274 Eschenbach LU

Tobii AB

18253 Danderyd

TomTom Sales B.V., Swiss Branch

1011 AC Amsterdam

Toshiba Tec Switzerland AG

8048 Zürich

Tosibox Oy

90590 Oulu

TP Vision Europe B.V. Amsterdam, Switzerland

8952 Schlieren


60487 Frankfurt

transtec Computer AG

8306 Brüttisellen

Tunstall AG

9100 Herisau

Turning Technologies

44503 Youngstown, OH

Turtle Beach Europe Ltd

RG21 4EQ Basingstoke, Hampshire

Unilever Schweiz GmbH

8240 Thayngen

Unisys (Schweiz) GmbH

8800 Thalwil

UPC Schweiz GmbH

8304 Wallisellen

Valpak Limited

CV37 7GW Warwickshire

Vedia SA

1211 Genève 2

Veeco Instruments

Plainview, NY 11803

Veritas (Switzerland) GmbH

8302 Kloten

Verizon Switzerland AG

8005 Zürich

Videotronic AG

8105 Regensdorf

Visopta AG

8610 Uster

Vistaprint B.V.

5928 LW Venlo

Vivanco Suisse AG

6340 Baar

Vodafone Global Enterprise Limited

RG14 2FN Newbury, Berkshire

Voleatech GmbH

72762 Reutlingen

Walser GmbH & Co. KG

86368 Gersthofen

Waser & Co AG

8604 Volketswil

Wassermatrix AG

6343 Rotkreuz

Weee Nederland B.V.

7327 AC Apeldoorn


21037 Hamburg

Werner Dorsch GmbH

64807 Dieburg

Westiform AG

3172 Niederwangen BE

WGEO Switzerland GmbH

8302 Kloten

why! Open computing SA

1008 Prilly



Wilhelm Sihn AG

5506 Mägenwil

Wilux Print AG

8340 Hinwil


72636 Frickenhausen

Withings S.A.

92130 Issy les Moulineaux

Wolfgang Suppmair

85247 Schwabhausen

Xerox AG

8152 Glattbrugg

Xindao BV

2288 EK Rijswijk

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, Rellingen

8800 Thalwil

Yang Technology AG

8045 Zürich

Yoctopuce Sàrl

1236 Cartigny

Zampa Rec.

6002 Luzern

Z-Audio Animatec AG

8332 Russikon

Zeiler Audio GmbH

8802 Kilchberg ZH


81829 München


6072 Sachseln

Zound Industries International AB

11120 Stockholm


6928 Manno



Dennis Lackovic

CFO / COO Recycling / GL-Mitglied
+41 44 446 90 99

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